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We are trailblazers for creative food artistry, picture perfect moments and luxury lifestyle seekers. Everything we do is with our irresistibly chic and pink attitude to life!

“My creations are born from a lifetime of seeking and creating my own personal moments of magic”

We have created products to help our our customers create their own moment of magic and capture that picture perfect shot every time.

GLOWBERRY was created when an Irish family run business of 25 years were forced into closing in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The founder Leonie who has over 20 years of exepricnes in the food industry growing up in her family restaurant wanted to create something truly special to cheer up the citizens of Dublin in what was a tough time for our nation.

“At Glowberry we keep our customers overall experience at the for front of every product we create, from packaging to delivery, our focus is not just on how your product looks but how well it can be received, enjoyed, pictured and shared as this is what truly makes a magical moment for the people that matter to you”

She always had a passion for food and creating luxury and unique experiences for her friends and family and so with the closing of her very much loved family restaurant she decided to use her experience and passion to create something truly unique to the Irish market and so GLOWBERRY was born.

With her experience in both the food and the luxury gifting industry she created an edible experience that quickly became Dublins go to for a product which was given the attention to detail and style it deserved. With the customer fan base she developed for all things pink and glowing she then decided to create a food and lifestyle brand that embodies style, optimism and most importantly, her femme and fierce attitude to life!

Now operating with her family and team of creative and like minded individuals, GLOWBERRY has now expanded with their first location in Dublins iconic luxury department store, Brown Thomas Dublin to bring you Irelands first handcrafted Chocolate dipped strawberry in store experience.

Monday: 10:00 to 19:00
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Thursdays: 10:00 to 20:00
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